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Please call the office for a price list of dental services



Quick examination

Depulpin, Cavit

Vital extirpation

Provisional tooth restoration (4,5/6,7,8)-GIC

Provisional filling – Cavit





First examination, consultation and treatment plan

Filling small, children’s small/large

Filling medium

Filling large

Tooth restoration (4,5/6,7,8)

Parapulpal pin

Fissure sealing or odontotomy

Dental anaesthesia (local/ conductive

Calculus removal with ultrasound - 1 dental arch

Indirect/direct pulp capping

Vital/mortal extirpation 1 canal

Vital/mortal extirpation 2 canals

Vital/mortal extirpation 3 canals

Vital/mortal extirpation 4 canals

Sealing 1 canal

Sealing 2 canals

Sealing 3 canals

Sealing 4 canals

Medicine in canal

Trepanation of the pulp chamber / milk

Old filling removal 1 canal

Old filling removal 2 canals

Old filling removal 3 canals

Old filling removal 4 canals

Use of cofferdam (protective membrane)

Composite bridge with C&B fibres




Temporary crown for 1 tooth, simple

Temporary crown for 1 tooth, complex

Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crown

All-porcelain crown (APC) / Zircon

Link-PFM / link-APC

Pin + core

Implant – abutment / Ankylos / Bredent / PPP

Partial dentures-wissil-cast metal frame / complex / on implants

Complete denture

Partial denture

Denture rebasing

Denture repair – 1 element/ 2 or more elements

Denture repair – 1 element/ 2 or more elements

Crown removal – 1 tooth

Transitional partial denture – flipper denture

Braces for teeth grinders

Bite size mould

Aesthetic porcelain veneers – 1 tooth/Edelweiss

Inlay or onlay/composite

Re-cementing of crown

Re-cementing of bridge

Valplast flipper – 1 tooth/more teeth






Scaling and root planing - 1 tooth/1 dental arch

Gingivectomy – 1 tooth

Chlumsky strip

Periodontal pocket reduction around wisdom tooth





Tooth extraction – simple/complex/with stitches

Tooth separation and root extraction

Incision and insertion of Chlumsky strip

Milk tooth extra




Teeth whitening one tooth – 1 session/total/whitening strip

Skyce decorative crystal

In accordance with Article 42 of the Value Added Tax Act, dental services shall be exempt from VAT.

The price list applies as of 31 August 2015 onwards.