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Client testimonials

Are you interested in what my visitors think about my services? Read about their experiences, get to know their stories, and see for yourself how satisfied they are with the services. Their thoughts will no doubt provide valuable information to those of you still deciding whether you should trust me with the health and appearance of your teeth.

I was scared to death of dentists. But since I have been seeing Dr. Šalej, I lost all fear of procedures, because she always explains her methods in a comprehensible way. If I feel pain, she will always offer injection of a local anaesthetic or stop with the procedure. Her method of work calms me down and I am happy I found her.

A. Rozman, Ljubljana

I had serious problems with my teeth. For reasons of fear I didn’t see any dentist for years and the condition only got worse. My friend suggested I see Dr. Šalej and after my first visit I was no longer afraid. She started treating my teeth and soon all my teeth will be healthy, pain will stop, and I have grown increasingly more satisfied with the way I look.

L. Koprivnik, Kranj

Despite having regularly visited a dentist in the public health system, I couldn’t get over the long waiting times. With Dr. Šalej I can get my turn within one week, and even have several appointments within a short period of time, if required. The procedure may be small, but this certainly has a favourable effect on my general well-being.

B. Zaletelj, Radovljica